Community over Competition | A Thank you letter to my colleagues

    I feel it is safe to say that just about every industry has a level of competition associated with it. To work in any level of customer service we all feel pressured to have the fastest service, the lowest prices, the best care, on and on. This is also true in photography. There are so many photographers in the industry that sometimes we can feel threatened by one another. Having said that, there is HUGE population of photographers that believe in "Community over Competition."

    This is the belief that we all have something special and different to offer our clients. We believe that we can get further by helping each other and learning from each other. The photography industry is now filled with mentors and more importantly, friends. It is such a positive group of people and it is so encouraging to be a part of.

    I have been lucky enough during my short experience in the industry to work along side some amazing photographers. Even better? I have developed some of my best friendships out of these relationships. I would not be where I am today if I did not have these people to teach me, mentor me, encourage me and support me.

    Having said this I really want to thank these people. Their words of encouragement when I was feeling defeated, lending me that particular lens when I needed it, or offering technical advice minutes before a big shoot meant more to me than they will know.

    I watch online as groups of creatives and photographers come together in meetings or for conferences to support each other and give each other advice. How lucky am I to be a part of such a beautiful industry? So for those of you who I have had the pleasure to work along side and grow from, I just want to thank you.

Thank you for teaching me what "Community over Competition" is really about and for showing me the sunshine!!









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