A cake smash for a very special little man

   Yesterday my "big man" (Benson) turned one. I don't know how because I am pretty sure he was just born. It's a weird combination of feeling like you just had him and also feeling like he has been with you forever. I don't even remember what it was like before he joined our family and at the same time I feel like I just brought him home from the hospital last month. Either way, my newborn, my little baby, my big man...he turned one! Here come the water works...why does time go by so fast!?

  BUT turning ONE means...a cake smash!

    I made a very simple vanilla cake, topped with a vanilla buttercream (it's soft and yummy-perfect to make a mess!). The icing was teal with a simple silver/grey accent around the bottom. At first I wanted to avoid the cliche 'blue is for boys' but I also wanted a bright vibrant color that would pop. I felt teal was the perfect spring color for a big personality!

    The shoot was done around 3pm which made it difficult to avoid being in the direct sunlight (which would result in some very harsh shadows). For that reason I opted to have to shoot on our front porch in the shade. It wasn't my first choice considering you can see part of our house in the background, but I shot with my aperture wide open to help keep all of the unwanted background out of focus. All of these were shot with my go to 50mm 1.4 lens, however; I think using an 85mm would have been a very nice choice as well.

   Can we just pause for a moment and take a look at that belly and those cheeks! Not that I am biased or anything but oh, the cuteness!!!

     Unfortunately, Benson came down with the stomach bug so we had to post-pone his birthday party but we were lucky enough to finish his cake smash before he got sick! As long as he gets better by this weekend then look for his "mustache and bow-tie" themed birthday party on the blog next week!



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