Cooking with Kay

    How exciting for me that today's post is the perfect combination of PHOTOGRAPHY and FOOD!

    Do y'all know Kay Campbell? Well if you don't, you should. She is the Paula Dean of Tappahannock, Virginia. Kay is the chef and owner of The Fat Finch Cafe, a quaint restaurant nestled in the heart of Tappahannock. The Fat Finch Cafe is known for their fun atmosphere, local cuisine and most of all...Kay's hearty cooking. 

   This past Sunday she hosted her very first cooking class and I was honored to photograph it for her!  Kay prepared a meal in front of seven guests, allowing them to watch her technique as she shared the message that 'good food can be easy!' The laid back atmosphere allowed the guest to ask questions with ease creating an open forum for discussion. The meal started with a Crispy Grilled Herbed Naan, followed by Spanakopita, and finished with a Seafood Chowder. 

    Naan is a flat bread that is typically found in the cuisines of West, Central and South Asia. It is used as a starter or even to scoop other foods. It could even be used as pizza crust! We watched as Kay mixed the dough, shaped the dough into balls then kneaded them out to get their shape. She finished them off in the pan and served them with a Tzatziki sauce. Easy peezy and delicious!

    Next course was the Spanakopita. Spanakopita is a fancy word for a Greek spinach pie. Kay demonstrated how easy Filo dough can be to work with. She layered the pan with endless sheets of Filo dough; butter was then poured over. Oh the butter, there was lots and lots of perfect butter. She made a filling with spinach, feta cheese and onion. In the end? We received a plate of yummy buttery crispy dough filled with gooey perfection! 

    Last but not least? Seafood Chowder. Kay demonstrated that it's not impossible to cook a good soup in an hour. I'm sorry, but good soup in an hour? I'm going to need proof! She was right; I was handed a hot bowl of perfect seafood chowder. I think the added touch of sherry just sent this soup over the top. The perfect way to end a meal on a cold winter day. 

   Don't forget the door prizes! After the meal the winners of the door prizes were announced. One of the prizes? A handmade wooden cutting board and it was b-e-a-utiful! I was in love! The cutting board was made and donated from Pete and Kathy Goulman. (

    Oh, and I should mention: after the meal we gave away chocolate cupcakes made by yours truly!  Follow The Fat Finch Cafe on Facebook to stay tuned for dates and announcements for Kay's upcoming cooking classes. Whether you're a seasoned professional in the kitchen or a take-out guru, I promise you won't be dissapointed! It's the perfect way to spend a girls evening out, a new spin on date night, or even just to pass a cold winter day.  I love me some Miss Kay and after one of these classes y'all will too! 

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