Thank you for taking the time to stop by and ready my very FIRST blog post!

      I have never been into blogging as it never really peaked my interest. Having said that, after finally building my website I figure 'When in Rome', why not a blog too? So here it is, the Sarah Thrift Photography Blog!

      Since this is my first post I figure I would tell you a little more about me. I am a photographer based out of Tappahannock, Virginia (though I will always be considered a "come here!"). I live in a modest house with my husband and my two children. My children are my EVERYTHING. My daughter just turned two in December and my son will be nine months old tomorrow! So needless to say, things are a tad bit cookoo for cocopuffs at our house. 

      On top of that, I work night shift as a Registered Nurse. I have been a nurse for seven years working in a variety of settings including the Emergency Room, Orthopedics and Home Health. I now cover Emergency and Inpatient settings for two hospitals in Richmond. 

     My favorite hobby is food. Is that a hobby? Well, it is mine! I spend most of my days off in my kitchen. I am either baking cupcakes with my daughter, preparing elaborate meals (when I have the time!) for my family, pureeing homemade baby food, going out to eat with my husband or googling food for inspiration. I love everything to do with food. 

      I have spent the past year really focusing on understanding photography. The first step was to learn how to properly use my camera. I took classes to understanding how to shoot in manual. I spent almost a YEAR getting to know my camera and fully understand the science behind an image. I have developed such a deep love for this art and I am so happy to finally have the chance to share it with you! My goal is to one day turn Sarah Thrift Photography into my full-time business. I am so grateful for the love and support from my family and from my clients as they encourage me to fulfill my dream!







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